Operative management instead of consulting only

Build a new-growth business

  • The development of a new business venture is both a great opportunity but also a significant challenge for a company.
  • Often, lack of resources and of specific knowhow puts the success of the endeavor at risk.
  • The MG Energy+ team is excellent positioned to operatively support such ventures based on its successful track record as executives in similar setups.

Manage a period of transition or change

  • Organizational changes such as strategic changes, operational changes, technological changes or cultural differences following international acquisitions require a structured approach to help employees to accept and embrace changes.
  • The implementation of such a transition frequently demands additional effort and resources.
  • We join your company as managers (not just consultants) working on line management- or executive level to achieve our common objectives.
  • The support period and the size of our team can be adjusted to your specific needs.

Remedy critical phases in capital projects

  • Despite correct project preparation, critical phases like delays, budget overruns, drop out of key employees or contractors or deadlock situations are not unusual for capital projects.
  • Our team provides flexible support to cure such crisis and to bring the projects back on track.
  • MG Energy+ has extensive crisis management experience both on shareholder- and project level.
  • In such situations we work very closely with the in-house resources of our customers such as technical-, legal- or commercial experts.

Represent investors

  • MG Energy+ acts as owner's representative of private- and institutional investors and takes over executive roles as Managing Directors or Board Members in project- or portfolio companies.
  • Our remuneration is based on fixed and variable components to link our success with the success of your investment.


The partners and team members of
MG Energy+ combine as generalists profound technical-, economical and contractual expertise in energy and renewable energy.




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