Stepwise approach for different development stages

Example wind power project

Quick evaluation

MG Energy+ offers quick project evaluations based on available data including:

  • Technical evaluation of natural conditions and basic plant design
  • Analysis of planning risks conc. restricted areas, permits, time schedule
  • Analysis of commercial risks, project budget and economics

Coordination of pre-due diligence

We manage the third party review of pre-developed projects including e.g.:

    • Analysis of micrositing and optimization of wind farm layout
    • Preliminary energy yield calculation
    • Review of project schedule and project costs (incl. benchmarking)
    • Review of permits and environmental impact assessment
    • Recommendations for remaining project development

Coordination of full due diligence

We coordinate the due diligence process (DD) and select the required third party experts for:

    • Technical DD
    • Legal DD
    • Tax DD
    • Financial DD and Economics
    • Commercial DD of existing contracts
    • DD on operational assets

Transaction support

  • Valuation of the transaction target and preparation of the non-binding offer
  • Preparation of the binding offer
  • Support on the preparation of transaction documents (SPA, SHA)
  • Lead or support the negotiation with the seller until signing


The partners and team members of
MG Energy+ combine as generalists profound technical-, economical and contractual expertise in energy and renewable energy.




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