Example Renewable Power Strategy

Strategy development

  • Analysis of the company internal status/objectives and overall corporate strategy
  • Renewable power technology assessment and review of company’s geographical footprint
  • Market analysis and selection of markets with highest potential and profitability
  • Competitor analysis in selected markets
  • Evaluation of cooperation with other companies on joint business- and project development
  • Formulation of capacity targets and definition of a road map to achieve these targets
  • Planning of company- and project organization and assessment of necessary resources
  • Business plan including overall financial model and project models


Strategy implementation

  • Preparation of job profiles and support on the recruitment of the resources
  • Promotion of defined strategy and involvement of existing in-house experts
    (engineering, legal, commercial, procurement , sales & trading ) and “get them to buy in”
  • Support the initialization of talks with potential cooperation partners and negotiate joint ventures or joint project development agreements
  • Development of project pipeline and detailed project plans
  • Evaluation of existing procurement strategy and potential preparation of framework contracts
    with plant component suppliers in accordance with capacity targets
  • Reassessment of functionality and efficiency of developed organization after certain period


The partners and team members of
MG Energy+ combine as generalists profound technical-, economical and contractual expertise in energy and renewable energy.




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